We believe in listening to our customers.  Success is built on relationships.
We will work with you to understand your entertainment needs and provide solutions that enable your electronic lifestyle.
Design Services
We will work with you to develop a plan to meet your home entertainment and lifestyle goals.  We will provide detailed drawings, specify materials and work with you to plan the construction of your project.

Our aim is an exact match between your needs and your budget, with an emphasis on performance and value. 

Our design packages are suitable for DIY installation or for professional installation.  Design services are also available a la carte to address specific design challenges on your project. Click for details.

We can provide a wide range of  top quality home entertainment and control equipment to back up our designs. 

We build custom Home Theater PC's to meet your needs.  Our specialty is building reliable HTPC's with the latest technology for the ultimate picture and sound quality.  Let us build one for you.

We build custom audio and video cables from the finest components, like Canare connectors and Belden 1694A cable.  Let us provided a quote for your next custom cable.

Installation and Calibration
Professional installation, hook up and calibration of your components is crucial to best performance.  We can provide these services as part of a design engagement or with your equipment.

We have professional quality calibration tools to accurately assess and improve the performace of your system, both audio and video.  Calibrations performed by an ISF (video) and HAA (acoustics) certified calibrator.

We are also proud to offer Alpha Certification.  Alpha Certification is a new independent certification program for fine home theaters.  Alpha Certification demonstrates that the certified theater offers an optimal acoustic environment for film score reproduction. Click for more info.

Project Management
Complete project management is available, for a worry free project from beginning to end.

Our Service
Affordable Front Projection Systems are our Specialty.