We believe in listening to our customers.  Success is built on relationships.
We will work with you to understand your entertainment needs and provide solutions that enable your electronic lifestyle.
We strive to design the best possible home theater environment for your budget.

Our standard design package includes:

-Scaled plan and side elevation drawings

-Framing and finish details

-Acoustic treatment plans

-Electrical, lighting, and low voltage plans

-Complete specifications and material lists

-Acoustic analysis of the completed design with optimized speaker and listener positioning

-Room mode and reverberation time analysis

-Optional equipment recommendations

This package contains all the information you will need to provide to a competent contractor for room build-out or to do the job yourself.  The result will be a beautiful, acoustically sound, home theater you’ll be proud of.

In addition to the complete design package, you have access to  phone and e-mail support for your project.

Our design services can also be purchased a la carte if you need help with a specific portion of your room design.  We also offer complete hook up and calibration services for both audio and video.

The design process has several steps:

1.       Scope of the work (Lots of input from you and your family):

Establishing a budget, gathering home plans and pictures, discuss how you intend to use the room and how the room relates to the rest of your home. 

2.       Alternative Evaluation:

Based on your input several preliminary designs are submitted and discussed.  Together we choose and modify the plan that suits you. Modeling occurs at this step also.

3.       Detail Design:

Based on the base plan we’ve agreed to; the detailed construction documents are created.  During this step you will have input as to color choices, trims, and furnishings.

4.       Review and Issue:

We review the plans with you, make any final changes and issue the completed package to you.

5.       Construction:

You can issue the package to your general contractor, hire a contractor, or do the work yourself.  Contact us with any questions or issues along the way.

Contact us for a quote on your home theater project. 

Design Packages
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